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  • Rio Dulce, Livingston Guatemala, every day.                         * Punta Gorda, Belize every Tuesday and Friday, boat service.
  • Jungle and Culture Tour (7 waterfalls), Livingston, every day.      * La Ceiba, Puerto Omoa, San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS, Bus Shuttle  
  • Playa Blanca (white beach), Livingston.                                   * Utila and Roatan islands Honduras (Bay Islands, Honduras) 
  • Punta Manabique, Puerto Barrios, "Santo Tomas Port"             * Port Santo Tomas, Green Bay Hotel, Amatique Bay Resort.
  • Keys Belize (Zapotillas Kay) one day trip.                                 * Puerto Barrios to Antigua Guatemala, Bus Shuttle.
  • Diving curses & Water Sports.                                                  * Rio Dulce to Tikal, Flores, Santa Elena, Peten, Bus Shuttle.
  • International SERVICES CRUISES. Shore Excurtions.              * Rio Dulce or Puerto Barrios to Quirigua. Bus Shuttle. 
  • Las Escobas Puerto Barrios Port or Port Santo Tomas.            * Rio Dulce or Puerto Barrios to Copan Ruins Honduras, Bus Shuttle.
  • Sail Boat tour.                                                                         * Rio Dulce, Santo Tomas Port to Lankin, Semuc Champey bus Shuttle


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