* Punta Gorda, Belize every Tuesday and Friday, boat service.

* La Ceiba, Puerto Omoa, San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS, Bus Shuttle

* Utila and Roatan islands Honduras (Bay Islands, Honduras)

* Port Santo Tomas, Green Bay Hotel, Amatique Bay Resort.

* Puerto Barrios to Antigua Guatemala, Bus Shuttle.

* Rio Dulce to Tikal, Flores, Santa Elena, Peten, Bus Shuttle.

* Rio Dulce or Puerto Barrios to Quirigua. Bus Shuttle.

*  Rio Dulce or Puerto Barrios to Copan Ruins, Honduras, Bus Shuttle.* Rio Dulce, Santo Tomas Port to

Lankin, Semuc Champey bus Shuttle.

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Connections Livingston Rio Dulce Utila Roatan Belize antigua gua

TOURS to do


How to get from Livingston to Honduras in the same day Cool Yes, We organize Trips from Livingston to La Ceiba Port. This trips don't have a specific day for departure, "normally" the trips going every 3 or 4 days (it depends on the season).

The Journey ONLY GO when we have a 6 people minimum booking for this connection. And the Price is $.60.00 american American Dollars der person and the trip start at 6:30am from Livingston and 7:20am from Puerto Barrios and arrives in La Ceiba port around 3:00pm (is ideal for take the last boat to Utila or Roatan). This price is only for one way and don't included the boat Livingston-Puerto Barrios (we taking the Collective Between Livingston and Puerto Barrios)

If you want to take the bus from La Ceiba port Honduras to Puerto Barrios Guatemala is possible around 3:00pm from la Ceiba port to Puerto Barrios port and cost $.60.00 American Dollars, (one way).

For any option, We recommend you send Us an email with what day, do you planning take the bus outward journey to Livingston or Puerto Barrios or the return bus from La Ceiba to Guatemala and if we collect the 6 People, we write you back a Email for confirmation with what day the bus GO and specific details for the reservation and payments.

So is the best way for the SPONTANEOUS (LAST MINUTE) trips check the Facebook
fan page, for the next trip! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You have also the option to take your adventure for your self you need to know that the trip maybe do you need to sleep in la Ceiba. And take the next day the boat to Utila or Roatan.

There is also a third option, we call it "Roberto is another adventure" This is a connection that mix Public and private transport (taxis, Chicken buses and private bus) but is a little safer than traveling all the way by public transport, by crime and maybe you manage to arrive in time to catch the last boat to Utila or Roatan.

We will, can make contact with Roberto to know what day is his next trip. You can follow this link and know a little more about his trip by one person with traveling with him http://www.gettingstamped.com/how-to-get-from-livingston-guatemala-to-utila-honduras-in-one-day/

Connections trasport Guatemala

You can be here. Visit Guatemala

* Rio Dulce, Livingston Guatemala, every day.

* Jungle and Culture Tour (7 waterfalls), Livingston, every day.

* Playa Blanca (white beach), Livingston.

* Punta Manabique, Puerto Barrios, "Santo Tomas Port"

* Keys Belize (Zapotillas Kay) one day trip.

* Diving curses, Standpadeling & Water Sports.

* International SERVICES CRUISES. Shore Excurtions.

* Las Escobas Puerto Barrios Port or Port Santo Tomas.

* Sail Boat tour.

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Connections Livingston Rio Dulce Utila Roatan Belize 

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