It's time to take a look at the festivals. We recommend something very good in Miami, there is the new Summartukap Festival.
here all the details of the festival. how to get there, what to do. what artists will be. MIAMI

The jazz festival in Switzerland is one of the oldest festivals in the world. Montreux brings you the best jazz artists in the world to the heart of Switzerland. Direct booking.

With our festival list, you are well-prepared for the festival summer 2022 and can choose the festival that suits you. We promise that no matter which festival you choose, you will make many exciting memories. But the most important thing: get involved! Stay positive and open to new ideas, feelings, thoughts and experiences

Who hasn't heard of the famous Coachella festivals? The trendy music festival of the extra class. Coachella can be found in many cities, but their largest festival is held annually in San Francisco. Read more about the Coachella Festival​. Direct booking

Here you will find criteria that determine the best shows worldwide. And are phenomenal to look at.

 The shows at the festivals are of great importance. With unique shows you can stand out from other festivals.

Summartukap 2022  

Another important factor is the presence of artists who will be performing. The number of different artists is also very important at festivals. 

NEWs Livingston Guatemala

Afro Nation 

The best Shows

Coachella Music & Arts Festival 

The spectacular Afro Nation Festival offers a unique presentation of everything from Rbnb to hip-hop. With its unique summer beats, the Afro Nation Festival is one of the best and biggest events in Portugal. Learn more about Afro Nation. Direct Booking

The best locations 

The list for 2022. Here is a list of the best festivals presented on this planet. Let us inspire you and find the best festival near you. 

The best performance 

2nd Montreux Jazz Festival 

The Summartukap Festival was created for the peaceful unification of people and nations. And to offer your life a new dimension between dream and reality. By participating in the Summartukap Festival, you are helping to create a freer, more peaceful and more tolerant world. Summartukap is a festival for the mind and spirit. Let yourself be carried away by the unique charm, the idea of ​​equality and tolerance.
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The most exciting festivals in the world 

The best festivals in the world

Are you ready for summer It's festival time and this summer brings with it exciting festivals? Prepare yourself with our recommended list of the best festivals in the world. The summer. Let the festivals begin!

Something very important about festivals is the places where they are celebrated. Here we show you a number of festivals that will take place in special locations. The locations are unique, whether outdoor, indoor, historical or modern places.

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Primavera Sound 

The top 5 concerts 2022 worldwide.

Here comes the first surprise. The festival in Barcelona "Crown". The new festival this year, which offers something very special with alternative and pop music. Feel into it with a mix. Direct booking